Scott Trail meadow to Reese Lake 9.6.15, day three of loop


12.5 mi

gpx track, use at your own risk: Meadow to Reese Lake

Scott trail meadow to Reese Lk

It was a great day today!  Last night was another cold one and every thing froze.  There was ice in the tent and out again.  We heard that it was suppose to start warming up though and stay a bit warmer.  Lucky for Kristen, I thought I was going to have to start cuddling with her to keep warm at night ( ;


Starting yesterday at S. Matthieu Lake the loop trail joined with the PCT.  It would remain the same until the other end of the loop when we split off to go back to Moraine Lake.  I knew we would probably run into some pct’rs and we did off and on during the day.


After breaking camp we hit the trail.  After traveling through the meadow to the other side, the trail started into another lava flow/rocky area.  It was not clear skies today and in fact it looked like it might snow and it did get a little misty.  We were going high so we stopped and put on our gear.


This area was one of our favorites.  We were right at the base of the mountains and there were lots of cool rock formations.




We traveled up and up and right when we thought we were going to gain a ridge, the trail turned and started going down.  This is looking back up at the trail we had just come down.



This tree looked like it had exploded!


We continued to drop down eventually getting back into some larger trees.  Then came the obsidian area.  We had heard that there was a ranger ahead checking permits and sure enough there was.  To camp in the obsidian area or to go on any side trails you had to have a special permit.  We did not have this permit.  But since this is the pct, we were allowed to pass through but could not go more than 150 ft from the trail.  That was fine, it was amazing being along the trail!

As we entered the obsidian area we kept asking ourselves were was the obsidian!?! Then we saw it.  It started out with huge boulders with veins of the glassy substance.


Soon there was more and more along the trail.  Here Kristen is with her precious…so hard to choose what to look at.



After leaving the obsidian area we went through plains and forests.




Our destination for the night was Reese Lake, about 5 miles past the obsidian area.  A woman on the trail told us there were some good campsites if we went past the lake and too the trail in at the cairn.  We went past the lake and took the trail and kept going up but no campsites so we dropped back down and found a place to call home for the night.


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