Reese Lake to Moraine Lake 9.7.16, day four of loop trail


10.5 miles

gpx track, use at your own risk: Reese to Moraine

Reese Lk to Moraine Lk

Today we would close the loop and rest up for tomorrows adventure.  The trail started off passing through a forested area.  We were still on the pct so passed a few through hikers.  We also passed people that were doing the loop in the opposite direction that we had met a few days back.


One group was three younger women that were out doing the loop.  It was nice to see them out.  We also ran into a man we had seen the second day.  He had done the loop 3 weeks prior and was back to do it again with a summit bid added in.  He started up by Lake Matthieu and was doing 25 mi the first day intending to camp at Green Lakes and then summit the next day.  We ran into him again on his day three, he was doing 26 mi back to his car.  We (okay I) talked with him for quite awhile.  He is from Peru and is fifty and he kicks butt!  He had already done Adams 4 times this year and travels around climbing mountains and doing trails.

We also started to get great views of the S. Sister.  In this shot we can see where we will be tomorrow, up there on top, left hand side of the picture.


After a few miles the trail dropped down into this idyllic meadow with a creek running through it.  We stopped to get more water and to wash up a bit.  There were lots of camping sites there and if I were to do this loop again I might do it the other direction and spend a night here, it was perfect.



After the meadow the trail went back into forests and more meadow areas.  Then, as we came around the corner, the terrain opened up to this, the Wickiup Plains.


On the left side of the plains was another lava flow, this one was rich in obsidian and sparkled.  We could see the mountain off to the left as well.  The trail stretched out in front of us like a ribbon.  At the far end is where our shared trail with the pct ends as we will be going back to Moraine lake, not onto Mexico.


After a break at the junction, our trail started to turn the corner and come back around to the south end of the S. Sister and finally to the junction we were at 4 days previous.



Finally back to Moraine Lake.  There were a lot more campers here today so while I wanted a more protected area for the night (I just wanted to be warm) we ended back up in the spot were stayed at the first night.


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