South Sister Summit 9.8.15


11.5 mi

gpx track, use at your own risk: South Sis

Moraine Lk to summit and out


We got up early in the morning and had coffee and food and got ready for our day’s adventure.  The mountain.  It was a beautiful day, so glad we waited to do this at the end of the loop.  Not glad that I was already tired from walking over 50 miles in four days.


We stashed most of our gear in the woods and only carried what we needed for the day.  This made our packs much lighter and us much happier!

We had to gain about 500 ft in less than a half mile to get up out of the Moraine Lake basin and to join the trail up to the summit.


Oh yeah baby, here we come!


Can you find Kristen in the next photo?  Like I said, she is much faster on the ups than I am.  It is all good, I get there, just slowly.



Since I had done this section of the trail last year I knew what to expect…rocks and some up.  Then we got to the saddle where weather turned us around last year.  It was a glorious day and I sure wished Dave and Stacie were with me here. I don’t think we could see more than just a few feet in front of us last year and I had no idea there was a lake there and we could not see the rest of the mountain.  As you can see there was still some elevation to gain!



At this point the trail got real steep.  Slow and steady is how I roll. Lot’s of time for pictures!



As is often the case, when you get to the top you are not really at the top.  All but a hundred feet or so had been gained, the trail went around the rim and then up to the true summit.  We passed this lovely accommodation along the way, I would have enjoyed spending the night up there.





At the summit the views were amazing.  We could see the Middle Sister, North Sister, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and Mt Adams all in a line.  Then Mt. Washington, Mt. St. Helen and Mt Rainier were scatter about as well among the 5 lined up volcanoes.  Spectacular!




We spent a fair amount of time up there just enjoying the views.  Then it was time to head back down.  We crossed the snow field instead of taking the rim trail this time.  And then came the trail back down, down, down.



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