Bald Mnt, aka Haystack 9.14.15


~7.4 mi rt

gain: 1568 ft

max: 2497 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Baldy

Bald Mnt

Sandra, you finally made it on the blog!


My friend Sandra emailed an invite to go bag Bald Mountain.  Dave Tucker, a local really cool geologist, has a posting about this mountain over on his site, Northwest Geology. It appears that Bald is a greenstone knocker, who knew?!?


The approach to Bald Mountain is off of Lake Cavenaugh Rd. on Sierra Pacific Timberlands, N48 20.614 W122 03.700

The gate was open but as all smart people know, don’t drive in an open logging road gate!  We parked across the road from the gate (also, smart people don’t block the gate) and headed on up.  In a short distance the road splits, go left.  This leads you to the quarry, stay left again.  In a little bit will be a road to the right, take it. That will lead you to area 51!


Continue on up this road until you come to the trail at N48 22.084 W122 02.861

This is where the real elevation gain happens!  The trail is obvious and there are ropes to assist on the way up (and more importantly down).




The ropes are of the yellow plastic kind and all seem in pretty good shape right now but always test them out before bearing full weight.

At the top of the ropes is a nice forested walk among huge mossy boulders.  There is a view point that looks southwest, it was cloudy today so we only had local views.


We continued another 200 ft or so to the true high point on this knocker.  There are no views from there because of trees but it is one of the nicest mossiest rock I have seen.

It was yet another great day out walking, I always enjoy Sandra’s company!

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