Goat…baaaaaa 9.26.15



7.4 mi rt

gain: 2623 ft

max: 5137

gpx track, use at your own risk: Baaaa

Goat baaaaa 9.26.15

I really like Goat.  There are places along the trail that just feel right.  The last I went up here was for my birthday hike last year.  Actually, it was the day before but who is counting.  If I can get near the trail for this one, I go up.  There was a fair amount of snow up here at the end of last November, today there was just rain.  Well, it threatened to snow but only for a minute or two then just rain.


The rain really didn’t get going until I was at the meadows and what is normally an excellent viewpoint.  I met a couple of young men bear hunting up there and they let me know there were other hunters up ahead.  It was a little un-nerving because the final hill climb to the old lookout side was in a cloud.  Given that and the rain, I decided to hang out for a few minutes having a snack and then to head back down the mountain.



There were some cool mushrooms on the way out and the walk through the flat part was really nice.  There were others who kept on going and I passed a group of young-uns heading up when I was just about down.  But for me the meadows were good enough for today.


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