Cutthroat Col 10.11.15


3.8 mi rt

max: 6731 ft

gain: 1667 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Cut Col

cutthroat col 10.11.15

Cutthroat Col

My intent was to go up Whistler but when I got to the area it was really cold and there was frozen snow and ice on the mountains and being alone I figured that Whistler was not a good idea…the mountain isn’t going anywhere. 

Back up plan.  I had this col on my to do list for a while, it is not a long hike but it gains elevation and the views are great.  I had coords for parking (N48 30.824 W120 41.247) but I didn’t really have a clear idea of where the trail enters the woods so I had to poke around and figure it out.  I found it, N48 30.845 W120 41.232  From Highway 20, the trail drops down into the woods and then it is just a matter of choosing the correct social trail to use.  I had to wander a bit on the way up but on the way down the path was obvious.


Looking up to my destination, Cutthroat on the right, Whistler on the left

When you come to the creek crossing, cross and stay climbers left.  If you can get to the meadow sooner than later it is better walking.  Once in the meadow there is a clearly defined trail that meanders up to the rocks.


Cutthroat looking back


Cutthroat looking back

The view across the valley was beautiful with the fresh snow and the sun hitting the larches and they kept improving the higher up I went.  The trail through the rocks was pretty straightforward, a few places where I used hand assist just to stabilize.


Cutthroat Col

The changing of the larches is one of my favorite things to see each fall, I saw them a week or so earlier over on Cutthroat Pass.  The trail is pretty steep through the lower meadows and the rocky area but once up here it levels out somewhat.  There is an old geocache up here I wanted to get and after I found it I decided to go a bit higher.  I did not go all the way to the col due to the icy conditions so I will need to come back for that, I imagine the views to be even better because you would be able to see in all directions.


Cutthroat Col

It was a great day, a great adventure.  I absolutely love hiking in this area.







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