Green Mountain 10.24.15



8.4 mi rt

gain: 2935 ft

max: 6507 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Green

Green Mnt 10.24.15

I last went up here YEARS ago.  Since then Suaittle River Road was closed for about 11 years due to a washout and when it opened last fall (finally) I went up Sulphur first.  But now was the time to get up Green.


I got up early and drove down to the trail (parking at N48 16.076 W121 14.214).  To get to there, I took 20 to Rockport and then down to Suaittle River Road.  This road is paved to start, about 11 miles, then turns into a gravel road.  After quite a distance, maybe 17 mi (?) from the highway is the turn to go up to Green Mnt.  When I drove this years ago I was in my Jetta and I remembered the road being awful.  After thousands of miles on logging roads/ dirt roads I now think this road was excellent!  I don’t think it is the road that changed nor that now I drive a 4W pickup but rather that I now know what awful can really mean for a road!  Cars make it here just fine, no problem, there where plenty in the lot when I came down.


I was the third car there so I had the trail pretty much to myself on the way up.  The trail starts off by going through a mature forest for about 1.5 miles before breaking out to an open hillside which I imagine is quite beautiful during the wild flower season!  I must come back and check out the butterflies here.


The geology up here was also amazing.  I need to come back with my book and my friend who LOVES rocks, yes I am looking at you Kristen!  On our hike around the Sisters she kept harvesting rocks.  As we ate food over the five days my pack got lighter, hers not so much ( :


The views started here and just kept getting better.  I ran into some hunters on their way down; a group of two women and then later two guys.  The guys had come straight up the hill and were surprised when they ran into a trail…frankly it is comments like that that terrify me.  Here they are out hunting in an area that has a popular trail and they were not even aware of it.  Gah.


Anyhow.  After following the hillside for a bit, the trail goes over a hump and into a valley with some tarns and a beautiful lake.  This is where there is the first view of the lookout way up in the distance.  The final approach to the lookout has some elevation gain to it ( :




I had the lookout to myself for about a half hour before a large group came up.  Funny thing is that I knew the group and had hiked with them in the past.  I often run into hikers that I have seen when I am up mountains which I guess makes sense.

The views from up here are amazing.  The lookout was all closed up for the season, I will need to revisit to see the interior.  I was amused and happy to see that there was a solar panel on the lookout!  I guess that is the way the lookouts are going, I saw multiple panels up on the lookout on Copper Ridge a few months ago.





The day was excellent, I am glad to have visited.


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