Bowman 11.22.15




9 mi rt

gain: 2473 ft

max: 3180 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Bowman

Bowman 11.22.15

My darn foot has been really bothering me for the last month or so, I have an appointment next week.  Gahhhh.  But I really wanted needed to go out so I decided to do a bike/hike hybrid.

I have been up Bowman before, there are several ways to get this summit. The main way is to go up the main logging road (Blue Mnt Road) off of Mosquito Lake Road.  This is an active logging road so Sunday’s are best if you want to avoid traffic.  Road is gated so it is walk in/bike in only.

The approach I took yesterday is the one I discussed earlier that I did in 2014. This route also starts off Mosquito Lake Rd, northish of the main entrance.  This route also starts at a gate so park way off the road and do not block the gate.  I have a friend that lives at the end of this road and it would be very bad form to trap him or his neighbors in.


This is a logging road trip with a small little .3 ish mi mule trail.  It is entirely on dnr land and most of it has been recently logged.  In fact, I ran into the loggers picking up the last of their gear and they told me they were done done.  So we are free to roam.

Pushing a bike up a mountain on a logging road is no easy task but coasting back those last three miles at the end of the day was a wonderful thing!  Makes the effort getting the bike up there worth it. That said, I was on the struggle bus yesterday so I plugged in one ear bud (always keep one open!) and listened to The Moth podcast to keep my mind off the up.  I tend to get into my head when I am struggling and podcasts get me out of it…in a good way.

I pushed the bike up to N48 45.511 W122 05.690 where I stashed it in the woods.  From there I went on foot up the old spur road and then the mule trail up to where it connects with another old spur road that connects up with the main road. This spur/mule/spur connector is about a half a mile total.  I last was up here in Feb of 2014 and at that time the spurs and the mule trail (see previous post) were quite nice.  Since the logging has been going on the man that pushed through the mule trail has not been using it and the spurs and trail totally show it.  Both are over grown and brushy with small trees so I was happy I knew where I was going.  This route to the top is definitely not for everyone but it is the kind of thing I like.  Also, it was 9 mi rt vs the 12 going the main route in.


Upon connecting up with the main road I went left then the next right.  This will lead to a road that will go off to the left and up to where the old fire lookout tower used to stand.  The tower is no longer there but the footings and such are.  Since I have already been, I did not go the last 0.4 mi to the tower, I just went to the viewpoint below.



As always, the mountains were amazing and humbling to see.  I love being out and up and away.

On the way back out, the clouds were coming in and as I was flying down the hill I took a side road out just a little so I could get a clear shot of the cool formations.  Must be windy up there.


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