Lookout Mnt. Forest Preserve 12.18.15


Lookout Preserve Map


3.5 mi rt

max: 1117 ft

gain: 617 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Lookout Preserve

Lookout Preserve 12.18.15

Lookout Mnt. Forest Preserve

I wanted a short local hike and had not been out on this trail for awhile.  Whatcom Land Trust partnered with Whatcom County Parks awhile back to get this area and trail system incorporated into the parks protection.  About a year ago, a new parking lot with restrooms was built on Lake Louise Road across from Sudden Valley. This parking area can be used to access the trails on the lower portion of the hill (as I did today) or you could park there to walk up into the mountains.


Lookout Preserve

I decided to take the lower trail up to the upper trail to extend my walk by about a mile.  All the trails here are in forested areas and utilize old roads turned trails in many places.  There are a couple of really nice waterfalls in the area and if you take the side trail at the high end of the loop you can go to what is listed on the map as Lake Whatcom View.  Except there is not a view, the trees have grown up.

The end of the Lake Whatcom View side trail is a mere 0.2 from the Cougar Ridge trail, I have often thought about connecting the two…perhaps this winter is the time.

hootie preserve

possible connections

While there are no distance views on this trail, it is beautiful and a good trail to take the time and just get to know the forest around you.


purple fungus among us

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