Not a Chance

I know, I am behind and have serious catching up to do…and I will!  But I wanted to share a story.  I went for a hike today up on the reconveyance property off of Camp 2 Road (Cain Lake parking), I have talked about it before.  Afterwards I dropped off my hiking companion and headed to Wander Brewery for a beer.  I was sitting there eating and drinking and in walks this woman who looks a whole heck of a lot of someone whose blog I follow, not a chance. I tried to convince myself that I was wrong but I had a hard time with that.  I thought, look at the legs, that will tell me and sure enough she had through hiker’s legs.  So, I took a chance (haha get it?) and went and asked and it was!!! It was not a chance!  So excited, she is very inspirational to me, so bad ass, so get ‘er done…I admire this woman.  Chance, it was great to meet you, can’t wait to get together.

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