Reconveyance 12.29.15



stats: 7.7 mi

gain: about 2000 ft

max: about 2260

gpx track, use at your own risk: Reconvey

I have talked about this hike before so for details check this out.

Today I invited a friend, Arcadia, to go with me and she accepted!  Little did she know there would be quite a bit of snow to trudge uphill through, oops ( :

We saw one other person on the hill and he was kind enough to leave us the note in the snow near the top.  The hike was beautiful, the day outstanding.  We meant to go further but decided that without snowshoes it was unfeasible.


at the top where the trail meets the roads

I have been coming up here for years, I use to come from the west side by walking up old logging roads and then on a 0.3 mi rough trail that myself and others built.  The distance was about the same and both approaches have there advantages.  From the west there are better views, from the east there is an actual trail through beautiful woods with some very large impressive trees.  I usually come from the east now. The views from the landing where the trail comes out onto the road is still beautiful but the trees are growing up.


Baker is hiding


zoomed in on the Sisters (the Twins)


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