Galbi 1.2.16




8 mi rt

gain: 655 ft

max: 1385 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Galbi

Galbi GE

Galbriath Mountain is renown mountain biking mecca with riders traveling from all over the world to come and bike here.  There are so many trails and there are maps and a great website that you can go to to buy a map or just look at the trails and plan your route.

Like many of our local hills, there are many ways to access this area, I went in from the Lake Padden parking area (N48 41.960 W122 25.551) and headed on up the road.  Note, there is NO parking on the roads into the gate, please be respectful and abide by the rules.  Park in the parking area and walk or bike up from there.

After going up the road a short distance you will need to decide if you want to go straight or right, both lead to access points to the area.  Both also have no trespassing signs but are the official access points, they just don’t want people parking up there or camping up there.  Near both gates you will find the first of the many trail sign areas that are clearly named so if there is an injury with extraction needed finding the rider will be easier.

I went straight at the Y and went in through the gate.  The first 2.7 mi is an easy road walk that will pass through both mature forests and clear cuts.  Many, many trails and roads go off of this main road, I followed it to the viewpoint.



From here you can see our fair city and the distance mountains.  I did see some wildlife along the way:


At the view point I went right up the Road 1000 that headed to one of the navigation stations.  From there I took Family Fun Center over to Intestine, then Intestine to Cleavage.  From there I walked the Road 2000 over to Oly.


From Oly I took Kaiser over to Tower Road, another main road up here.  I walked Tower Rd out back to the truck.  There was some snow up there but not too much, didn’t even need to put on the gaiters. It was a beautiful sunny snowy day, I am so happy to be healthy and out walking.






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