Alger Alp 1.3.16




4.6 mi rt

gain: 1019 ft

max: 1339 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Alger Alp

Alger Alp 1.3.15

I needed a low key day, I have been having fun outside!  Alger Alp is a local hill with a short hike in (2.3 mi) but with some gain so a good walk if you keep a good pace.

There are several ways to come at the alp, I chose the Alger approach today.  Parking is just after the round-about in Alger (N48 37.201 W122 20.001), park on the side of the street and head towards Alger about a hundred feet until you see the gate then head on up.  The area was logged awhile back, I remember when I first moved here 20 years ago it was quite bare but now the trees are busy growing.

The walk in is on old road turning trail and is pretty straight forward, it would be challenging to get lost up here.  There is one main split (N48 38.081 W122 20.568) where if you go left you head towards Squires Lake on the PNT.  Going right will take you up the hill to a view point.  The views along the way up this final approach used to be quite stunning, now there are some beautiful trees that will be in the mountain view.  The top still has a view of the Alger area over to Anacortes and even the mountains beyond.


There were quite a few people using the trail today even though it was overcast.  There was a little snow on the final approach but hardly enough worth mentioning.  It started snowing as I walk back down the hill, big fluffy flakes, I enjoyed the walk in the snow.


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