For reference, here is 2014 and yes, I have been keeping track for years.

Above Lake Samish
Anderson Mnt from Hwy 9
Balck Diamond
Bike ride with the kids
Bowman from Mosquito Lk Rd
Camano Island Kayak
Canyon Crk Rd to meander in search of West Church Rd
Canyon Lake to ridge
Canyon Lake via Old Growth
Cascade Pass
CCC road bushwhack
CCC Road Oct 18
ccc to the pnt
CCC with Dave
CCC, just can’t get enough
Christie Creek Prop area
Christie Creek Wanderings
Church Mnt to meadow
Church Mnt to meadow, early
Cougar Divide early
Cougar Divide with Ashley
Cougar Divide, solo
Cowap Peak
Crater Mountain
Cronk Rd meander, Deming Lookout area
Cutthroat Pass and a bit beyond
Cutthroat Pass via Cutthroat Lake, overnighter
Damfino Lakes trail
Deming Lookout
Deming Lookout Tower
Devil’s Mountain
Discovery of Sailor Duck Hootie Hoot, Lake Louise Rd
Dock Butte
Driveway Butte
Driveway Butte, May 11
Eagles Roost
Edfro Creek, 1000 puddle trail
fragrance lake road
Galbraith June 4
Galbraith run
Galbraith, May 30
Goat baaaa
Goat Rocks day one Aug 26
Goat Rocks day three Aug 28 without Old Snowy
Goat Rocks day two Aug 27
Goat, June 1
Hannegan Peak
Helio area
Heliotrope with Ashley
Heliotrope, early
Hidden Lakes with Kristin
Hootie Hoot from Gun Range
Iron Peak overnight
Ladies of the Lake
Lookout Preserve bushwhack via Lake Louise Rd
Lookout, Lake Louise Rd from upper gate
Lower Anderson from S. Bay
Lower Anderson/Ladies of the Lake from S.Bay, Feb 7
lower Stewart Mnt loop from Horse area
Lower West Lookout Loop
Lower West Lookout Loop v.2
Lyman Jan 6
Lyman Wander
Manly N. Nov 12, new trail
Manly North Feb 16
Manly North Meander
Manly North to Manly South loop
manly north xmas eve
Manly North, March 31
Manly north, new trail
Manly Rd North Jan 26
Manly South, June 6
Maple Creek Reach
Maple Pass, butterfly
Mid Camp 2 road
Mt. Adams
padden, xmas
Park Butte Scott Paul Trail
Pilchuck Tree Farm
Pipeline trail, small loop
Racehorse Creek Property
Reconveyance March 1
Reconveyance Nov 15
Rock trail to Lost Lake to Ridge, with Dave
Sailor Duck Hootie Hoot
Sailor Duck Hootie Hoot July 20
Sailor Duck Hootie Hoot, June 14
Sailor Duck Hootie Hoot, June 9
Sauk Mnt, butterfly
Sauk Mnt, butterfly July 11
Skyline Divide, butterfly
Skyline Divide, butterfly July 12
Skyline Divide, butterfly July 25
Sourdough Mnt 1.5
South Nooksack Park, Saxon Rd
South Sister
Stew loop via y
Stewart from Guard shack
Stewart from Mirror Lake
Stewart from Yrd 14 miles on the 8 mile trail
Stewart Peak
Stewart via Hertz Trail connector
Sulphur Mnt.
Tiger on bike with Nathan
Twin Lakes area
Upper Camp 2 Rd
Upper Camp 2 Rd, Jan 20
Welcome Pass
Wickersham Forest
Wickersham Forest Feb 14
Wildcat Reach
Winchester Lookout
Yellow Aster Butte


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