$2 Trail 1.13.16


Fragrance Lake


3.9 rt

max: 1063 ft

gain: 463 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: $2

Fragrance 2 dollar trail.png

2 dollars

I didn’t have a great amount of time, I didn’t get on the trail until later in the day.  This trail, the $2 trail, is a back way into Fragrance Lake that doesn’t require much time nor effort since there is hardly any elevation gain.

Parking for this is up Cleator Rd just before the first gate, N48 40.517 W122 29.003
.  While it is outside of the gate it is still considered park property so a Discovery Pass is required…unless you park a few hundred feet down the road then you don’t need one.  The trail is well signed and in the last year or two has had some major WTA love that has re-routed the first bit adding switchbacks so it is a much gentler start.

I took this gentle trail up into the woods where the trail follows a ridge that has peek-a-boo views.


$2 view

In a short distance, under 2 miles, there is a split in the trail (N48 39.666 W122 28.277)
where going left takes you immediately to the lake.  I went around to the left and looped the lake.  It was quiet up there, I was all alone.  Arcadia had been up from the highway just two days before and had told me that the lake was frozen.  We had been talking about this because I had told her about Fragrance and when it is frozen and this cool thing you can do so she went up to see/hear it.  The way Fragrance sits in a slight bowl makes it so that when it is frozen and you throw a rock on the ice it makes the most amazing sound.  She got to go up and hear it, but just two days later it was thawed.

There are others ways of looping the trail but I just went around the lake back to where I came in and headed out.  On the way out I took the old, old trail down (N48 40.275 W122 28.770) and was quickly back to my truck.






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