Hippy Chupacabra 1.21.16


3 mi rt

max: 1847 ft

gain: 1307 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Hippy

Hippy Chupacabra 1.21.16

Hippy Chupacabra

I have spoken about this hike a couple of times but I want to get some waypoints down so I will just briefly do that.

This is a steep trail, there are no switchbacks.  Park at N48 40.116 W122 22.448  Head up the logging road for about 0.3 mi to N48 40.342 W122 22.702 and look for a trail on climber’s left.  You will be on trail (Hippy something) from here on in.  This is a mountain bike trail so keep your eyes and ears open.  That said, I have never seen anyone else on this loop except for that one time but he was working on taking apart a jump in order to make the land owner (Bloedel Timber) happy so that they can keep the trails up here.

Once you leave the road and get on the trail the way is easy to follow.  The trail splits a few times but the two branches will come back together in a few hundred feet so you get to choose, either way you will gain the elevation.

At 1.7-ish mi there is a major junction (N48 41.044 W122 22.457) and if you are doing the loop here is where you will go right (Chupacabra) and start back down the hill.  Just as the way up was steep, going down is maybe even more steep since it is a shorter distance back to the car.  A few weeks back I went up this side (Chupacabra) and down the other (Hippy something, can’t remember what they told me).  Since this side is steeper I had to use my hands more but going down I have to use my knees more…you choose.

The trail will cross the road at N48 40.348 W122 22.414  The trail continues on down the hill but you can always go right at this point and walk the road back to the vehicle.


Hippy Chupacabra

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