Ridge Trail 1.23.16


8 mi rt

max: 2680 ft

gain: 2030 ft

gpx tracks, use at your own risk: Ridge Trail

Lookout Mnt via Ridge Trail 1.23.16

Ridge Trail on Lookout

That is the only picture there is.  It was so wet that I did not take my camera out all day.  Also, I was in the clouds so really nothing to see but if you want to see pictures of the trail, there are some here.

I parked at upper parking at N 48° 42.670 W 122° 20.989.  This parking area is in Sudden Valley but is on Whatcom County Parks property so it is open for public parking, there is space for three cars or so.

From parking I headed up the main road ignoring the side road about 0.3 mi up, I came out that one.  At about 1 mi from the truck is the trail entrance (N 48° 42.173 W 122° 20.858 ) on climbers right.  This is an unsanctioned mountain bike trail on Whatcom Parks property in the newly reconveyance area.  A friend told me they were working on it to bring it up to parks code but I have to say, they have a LONG way to go if that is their goal.

I absolutely love this trail.  It follows the creek for the first mile, mile and a half through mature mossy forests. The creek has some nice little waterfalls and every thing is so soft and green.  There is one spot that passes through a wetland/bog, the trail is built up through there so the area will not be destroyed.  There are some steep areas and some really steep areas but nothing that requires using your hands like over on Hippy/Chupacabra.

After leaving the creekside the trail starts its climb up through the rock zone.  There are huge boulders along the trail and great rock formations up above the trail.  It is so peaceful in here, I have never encountered another human on this trail.  After you climb through the rocky areas there will be a small pond and then just a little more gain until you are  at the top where the trail reconnects with the road at the North Tower.

At this point I usually head back down the way I came up or I walk the road over to the view point and then out.  I knew the trail continued on down the front of the mountain and I wanted to check it out.  I used GE and saw that there were two possible roads the trail could come out on so I had a plan for each.  I headed down the steep down hill and after a short distance came to within 50 ft of a new road in a recently logged out area.  The trail continued on but I had limited visibility and I was soaked and cold so decided to bail on the trail and road walk out.  The new road connect up to the old road and I had to walk just a quarter of a mile or so to the connector trail (N 48 41.925 W 122 22.056).  There was one tree down on the connector but now that I have pushed through/crawled under, it is easier to pass.  I know this because somewhere along the way I lost my can of bear spray and I was hoping it was there where I was crawling around but sadly I think I lost it up on the last part of the trail where I slipped and fell.

Once on the other end of the connector trail it is road walk down an old road that is becoming a trail.  This road/trail is used a lot by locals and I do run into others on it. About a third of a way down there is a large pile of rocks with a sign “Captain’s Rocks”.  I started using this road when Miranda was a pup so about 10 years ago and that pile of rocks and sign was there then.  The original sign had deteriorated over the years and there is a new sign there now.  I tried to figure out who/what Captain was but could never find it.  At first I thought a dog but this memorial is still being kept up, that is a long time.

The road finally connects with the main road (N48 42.373 W122 20.754)
so it is a short walk from the junction back to the car from there.


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