Spring Break and a change of plans

So I thought I would get back out and hike from where I got off the trail last year at the Crest Camp and hike to White Pass.  I had 8 days and it was only 97 miles so it seemed like a great time.  I worked very hard and got all my grading down and the grades submitted on the last day of classes.  The next day I drove down to Packwood where a friend had agreed to meet me, follow me up to White Pass where I would leave my truck and then down to where he picked me up last year when I got off the trail (Thank you WD!).  I decided to head up to White Pass before meeting and see if I could see over to the Goat Rocks before the sun went down.  I made it and am glad I did!  There was still so much snow, so much that I knew I couldn’t make it through in the time allotted.  This surprised me since I have been doing the high hikes around Baker for about a month.  It seems as though the South Cascades are holding on to there snow much more so than the north end.

Plan B.  Figure out where to hike for a week.  I got some good ones in and had a great time.



Goat Rocks from Shriner Peak

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