Shriner Peak, Mt Rainier area 6.19.16


8.9 mi rt

max: 5850 ft

gain: 3325 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Shriner Peak

Shriner Peak 6.19.16

Shriner track

I called Dave and Stacie and invited them down for a hike in the Mt. Rainier area since I was there.  We chose Shriner Peak, here is what WTA has to say about it

” the under-appreciated Shriner Peak is one of the loneliest trails at Mount Rainier.”

I would have to agree on this!  This hike starts out going through the woods for quite a bit so you really don’t know what you are in for…great views and a lookout tower up top that was manned by a ranger on this day.

Parking for this is on the side of Hwy 123 (N46 48.227 W121 33.287), there is space for several cars.  The trail starts across the road and starts its way up on a somewhat moderate gain through the woods.  WTA talks about a burn zone but we never saw it, must be a really old burn! We were in the shade of trees until the ridge at about 2.25 miles.  When you come to around a corner at the crest of the ridge you get your first view of Rainier and it is right there. Helloooo beautiful!


From there the trail just works its way up to the lookout.  There was a little snow here and there but nothing much to speak of. You can’t really see the lookout until you are very close to it, probably about 0.2 mi away.


Shriner Peak Lookout

When we got to the lookout we were surprised to meet a ranger that was hanging out, he has a rough job.  Comes up Saturday, spends the night, leaves Sunday.  He was a nice guy, knew the area and was fun to swap stories with.

There is a camping area up there, the ranger said it is the only camping in the park that you actually had a view of Mt. Rainier.  I have to come back and try it out.  Speaking of volcanoes, from the lookout there were four volcanoes in view: Rainier, Adams, St. Helens and Hood.  Great view!


Rainier from the lookout



On the way down the hill we ran into this guy as he was trying to extract himself from his previous home.



Happy trails.

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