Goat Mnt Lookout, Mazama 6.22.16


stats 4.2 mi rt

max: 7002 ft

gain: ~1500 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Goat Peak Lookout

Goat Peak Lookout 6.22.16


Okay, where next.  I was heading north and then west on Hwy 20, one of my favorite roads anywhere.  I was also heading towards Mazama, one of my favorite areas.  I was thinking of heading to Driveway Butte but then decided to go up Goat Peak instead, it has been many years since I was last there.  The access to the trail is up a long gravel road (NF 52, Goat Creek Rd.) just before Mazama on  to parking (N48 39.095 W120 24.130).




This is a short relatively easy hike.  The trail goes up through meadows before it starts switching up the hill to gain the ridge.


You don’t see the lookout until you are actually on the ridge and then you can see your destination (the picture up top).  There was very little snow, not really enough to talk about.



This lookout used to be manned during fire season by Lightning Bill but he was moved over to Leecher Mnt lookout in 2014.  The lookout had been opened for the season, shutters were up, but the trapdoor at the top of the stairs was locked.

I was alone all morning until I got to the lookout and then about 20 minutes after I got there others joined in the views. There was a family and they were LOUD.  And they chose to sit right behind me.  I put in my earbuds to block the noise and continued to enjoy the most excellent views.




There was a hang-glider catching an updraft down below.  He kept coming up, up, up until he was higher than the Peak is and it is 7000 ft!




I moved down the rocks to get some solitude (and to grab a geocache) but others followed me down!  I outlasted.  On the way back down to the truck I went over to a rock outcropping to sit and enjoy.  There were tons of wildflowers and butterflies.  The day was beautiful.



Western White


Anise Swallowtail




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