Stewart East in the snow 1.3.17



4.1 rt

1580 ft gain

1807 ft max

gpx track, use at your own risk: Stew 1.3.17



So much snow, beautiful beautiful snow…and me with no snowshoes.  Sad. But I really wanted to get out and walk in it so I thought I would try to get up to Big Foot Hill, a knob/ summit on the Stewart Range.  Stewart, it’s a range, not a mountain.  I have been up here a few times before from both the west side of Stewart and the east.  Today because I knew there would be snow I came from the east.  This entrance is outside of Van Zandt off of Potter Road.  I parked at the gate, N48 46.932 W122 13.158, and headed on up.  



This walk is entirely on a logging access road.  The views get better and better as you go up.  For the first mile I was following in someones snowshoe track which made it easy going up but they stopped at about a mile up so from there I was breaking trail. A truck had driven up a few snows ago so it was only about 6 – 8 inches deep in the ruts, less than the 1 to 1.5 ft in between the ruts.


Up, up, up I went for about a mile past where the snowshoes stopped with the snow getting deeper and deeper as I went until it was about 1 ft deep even in the ruts.  This is where I decided it time to turn around since I was shoe-less.




The views from here, just two miles up the road, are fantastic.  I love when I can see the venting on Baker.  My only company up here were several eagles flying the air flows.  It was a great walk, just what I needed.


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