New Dog friend

I would like to introduce you to Barley


He belongs to my friend Erica who wanted her dog to have fun so she asked if he could  be my new hiking friend. Barley is 7 years old and is a great trail dog and is a good fit.  I think we will be hiking together for awhile.  We have been on 6 or 7 walks together, I would guess close to 50 miles.  He has accepted me as his pack and is independent but always attentive.  I like Barley, he likes the orange scarf I made for him.

What happened to Natalie you ask?


Natalie is my friend Arcadia’s dog.  They were out of town for a week and I was dog sitting.  Nat and I hiked up to Pine and Cedar one snowy day late December.  She was always taking off into the woods after a bird/squirrel/bug/imaginary friend, she never went far but would just jump in all crazy like.  Well, she jumped in and a stick or such punctured her tummy and created a large pocket in her tummy.  That required surgery.  She is fine but she no longer goes with me, I can’t deal with the risk of the crazy. We had a good year together and walked many miles. She will be missed.

Barley is the third dog friend, it all started with Miranda of course.  She was my first.  We had nine good years and thousands of miles but she got old.  I still see her of course at the in-laws, (she was their dog after all) but she can no longer walk far at all.  Getting old sucks.  Miranda was her own kind of crazy…she loved me most and would gladly die protecting me from wild animals and would gladly injure if she felt I was being at all threatened.  This is why I started finding out of the way places to walk, she could not be trusted.  I always said she was 85 lbs of love for me and me alone. I do miss her on my walks, I always felt safe.



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