Goat Mountain 5.7.17

goat mnt pano

I have written about Goat before, it is one of my favorite places and I sleep here once or twice a year.  Wander Brewery had their 3rd anniversary the night before so I was a bit slower than I might have been.  Once again I just went up to the meadow where I enjoyed to the views while having a snack and then heading down.  I was trying to get down in time to go pitch in on the road repair over on Glacier Creek Rd. 

I had driven up the road a few weeks prior so I knew that it was open.  I also knew that I wanted to get on the trail somewhat early so that the walk up would be on firm snow.  What with all the beer and all I got there early enough but coming down the snow was soft.

orchid on goat

wooded on goat

The first mile of the hike gains elevation gradually through a series of switchbacks.  At a mile there is a short steeper section but it is real short, just a couple of hundred feet then the trail becomes relatively flatish for about 0.75 mi.  Then the up starts again.

The snow started consistently at 3700 ft so I switched out of my approach boots (Salomons) and put on the moutaineering boots (Scarpa’s) and spikes.  As on the day before on Heliotrope, I was taking my snow shoes out for a ride again but did use them on the way down so I was glad I had them.   The thing I love about snow is that I can pick my own path.

There was one other group of people on the mountain today.  They were booting/skinning up to the summit (don’t know if they were shooting for east or west) for a ski down.  While I stopped at the meadow there were boot tracks and ski tracks leading on upwards.

snowy hill

mnt pano 2

I never get tired of this view

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