view from first viewpoint at abou 2.5 mi from truck


~5 mi rt to first viewpoint (N 48° 37.935 W 122° 27.754)

~9.7 mi rt if you go to the top views (east and west)

burnout screen grab

This is a local hike I often do in the afternoon after I get off work.  The views from the first overlook are excellent and while the crowds are up at Oyster Dome, I am here drinking my view beer all by myself : )

I thought I had written about this walk before but last night I told some students about it and that it was here on this here blog but when I looked I realized it wasn’t.  Corrected.

Parking for this is at the Clayton Beach/Fragrance Rd parking area (N 48° 38.887 W 122° 29.224).  If you park in the lot don’t be out too late or you will be behind a gate.  The lot also requires a Discovery Pass.  You can also park along the road and that eliminates both of the above statements.

Head on up Fragrance Lake Road from the parking area for about 1 mile to the turn to Burnout (N48 38.765 W122 28.674).  There is a sign, it says Burnout.  Right past that there is a scratching post for the kitties that live up here.  It has been in use for all years I have gone up this way.  Maybe it isn’t a cat scratch post but I don’t know what else would do this and it makes me happy to think that it is.

burnout scratching post

kitty post


road to the viewpoint

The walk from here is up a nice road for 1.4 more to the viewpoint.  You can’t miss it, it is about halfway up a hill on climber’s right, you will see what I mean.  You can choose to stop here and have just a 5-ish mile round trip walk or you can keep going on.

About a month ago when I was heading back to the truck around dusk I saw something fly by and this guy was kind enough to pose for pictures.


Continuing on up the hill takes you on a peaceful walk through woods, along rock faces and wetlands and on up to a recent clearcut.  This is the area I have spoken about that I also access via the Rock Trail or the Lost Lake trail.  Views from here are fantastic.  If you go to both the view east to the mountains, and view west to the islands it is about 9.7 mi rt. From the east view point you can see the Oyster Dome, a few weeks ago I saw someone over there in a bright yellow/green shirt, it amused me.

oyster not zoomed

Oyster Dome in the distance, the big rock face

people on Oyster Dome

zoomed into the dome, don’t fall man in yellow shirt!

barley top of burnout

Barley with the girls

samish with tankers

view towards Anacortes with tanker traffic

burnout 1

just pretty


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