A path through the woods in Glacier


6.2 rt

max: 2014 ft

gain: 1268 ft

I had gone up to Glacier to help out on the clearing of Dead Horse Creek Rd, the road up to Skyline Divide but there is a tree spearing the road so we will have to wait for the big toys to take care of that.

FSR 37 MP 5.72 deadfall damage station I. Fisher Photo IMAG0398

Well here I was in Glacier and I didn’t have my snow day pack so I wasn’t comfortable going high.  I know of this “path in the woods” as the rangers call it and I hadn’t been on it for a year or so so I decided to take that.

This “path in the woods” is not an official trail but it is indeed very much a trail. Although this trail has been around for many years, the mountain bikers have rediscovered it since the last time I was up here and have banked some of the switchbacks to be more bike friendly.  Thankfully they had also recently come up and cut out all the windfall from the winter.  It was quite impressive the amount of trees they cut, maybe we should send them up to clear out the tree on Dead Horse Creek!

cut trees on trail

recently cleared trail

dog on trail

found dog

Shortly before the first view point a few miles up I crested a hill and this dog was coming down the trail towards me.  I called out to it’s human but there wasn’t any.  It did have a collar on so I fed her some cheese so that I could get the info off the collar.  I didn’t have cell service so I hoped the dog would stay with me but if not I could contact her owners when I got off the hill.  After awhile she got bored with me and went off ahead but it would not be the last time I saw here today.

The trail starts right on Glacier Creek Rd just up the road from Mt. Baker Hwy at N48 52.978 W121 55.086. It can be accessed in other spots but this one is easy to find.  From here just head on up the hill.  The mountain bikers have banked most of the lower switchbacks making for a nice easy climb.  After a short distance the trail comes out on a road.  Either way will lead you to another trail up but today I went right and then after a short downhill walk took the trail to the left.  There are a few junctions along the way but basically, just keep going up.

first view

first viewpoint

The old forest that the trail passes through is mossy and oh so green, it is so soft on the eyes.  There are a few viewpoints along the way, the first overlooking the road you will be coming down and the hill above it, the second looking through the trees over to Church Mnt. While the trail continues on a ways more, at N48 53.694 W121 52.941 (about 4 trail miles from the start) I took the trail right, down to the creek and out onto the road for the walk back to the truck.

church view

Church view

On the way home, I stopped by Wickersham and checked on the Oregon Spotted Frogs, I saw one in the water next to the road.  It is always a good day when you wrap it up by seeing one of these little guys.


osf on the way home

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