Gamboling with Monique is a site where I will record my adventures outside.  I will be adding current gambolings as well as ones from the past.  I am doing this for myself so that when I am old and grey (ha, already there) and can no longer do what I enjoy the most, I can look back and relive these moments.

I  usually carry my Garmin 60csx and record my tracks.  If I forget it then I will probably not remember to post the hike here (:  I am going to link to my gpx files which can be downloaded into mapsource and I suppose Basecamp but I don’t now that for sure.  I am doing this so that my friends and access my tracks easily without having to email me (;  Anyone that uses them does so at their own risk.  Know your limits folks.

I hike with my dog-in-law Miranda.  She is not mine but she loves me most.  We have been hiking several times a week for about 9 years and we have logged 1000s of miles together.  She is slowing down so sometimes (shhh, don’t tell her) I don’t take her with me.

Although it may seem that all I do is hike, I do occasionally mountain bike, kayak and gasp…run.   Miranda doesn’t join me for any of this nonsense.

I am planning on section hiking the Washington State segment of the Pacific Crest Trail next summer (2015).  It is time.

4 Responses to About

  1. Juddd says:

    Gamboling on the gumbo with my gambits all in gear
    I daffed upon a dilly who would be my dolly dear
    How dilly I would dally if you’d be but truly true
    How silly I must sally off to do my duly due.

    Walt Kelly


  2. Kirsten Monsen-Collar says:

    Magpie! Ummm, okay, so there are no magpies here. I guess I need to come back to WA with my F1 Norwegian-Cuban monohybrid and show her one, and throw a cork in your face. Awesome site!


  3. Larry Elliott says:

    I just got turned on to your blog, sorry to hear about the break! I hiked up to the Pilchuck lookout yesterday. Your right about the lack of snow, just a little on the trail the last half mile. 20 plus other hikers and twelve dogs!


  4. brewermd says:

    Ahhh, I remember hiking…I miss it so much. I would love to go up Pilchuck. I went up last winter in the snow, hiked in on the road to the upper gate then snowshoed the rest of the way. It was great! Only 3 others up there then. Hopefully we get some snow in the next month! We need the snowpack.


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