Stewart Master

Just adding two screen grabs of the walks I have done on Stew.  Eventually I will link the tracks.

All of Stew

All of Stew

stew hikes north end

stew hikes north end

Stew hikes south end

Stew hikes south end

Stewart South:

1. Turkington Rd out of Acme

2. From gate near Blue Mnt Bar and Grill, not really an option as it passes about 200 ft through private property and the guy is less than friendly.  That said, it is an easement for DNR so I am unclear on the technicalities.

3. Access through striped gate across from Mirror Pond.  DNR says that this is their property and it is legal to access the area from here.

4. From B-4000 Rd.  This is all on state property and one day I intend to try to ridge walk to connect the two trails.

5. Hertz Trail

6. Unofficial bike trail off of the Hertz, I really liked this one!

7. Road/trail walk accessed from public gate at the main parking area for Hertz trail.

8. Another trail/road walk accessed from public gate, I really enjoy this trail for all its upness.

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