Places I want to go, either that I have been and want to revisit or new places I want to go.

List for 2015, we will see how it goes.  Feel free to make suggestions…cough cough Dave cough  (:

This list can keep me from doing work, I shouldn’t open that webpage.

Also, this one

Aaaannnnnnddddd, this one

The biggie, hike Washington State via the PCT

  • Return to South Sister in Oregon with D&S (also known as GrnXnham or Stacie and Dave I suppose, I am sure I have other names for my good friends with whom I have hike hundreds of miles with)
  • Speaking of D&S, we are going up St Helens this year, this will be my  4 or 5th or possibly 6th time.  I have lost count.
  • Also on my list for this year is a return third visit to Mt Adams, I am beginning to really like this mountain.
  • At some point I would love to summit Glacier, not sure it will be 2015 but if not then I am setting that goal for 2016.
  • Also, Mt. Whitney
    • after talking to a neighbor, he recommends that I take a few weeks and hike from Yosemite down to Whitney.  I agree.

Now for more normal stuff:

  • Short term I plan to go up Goat…no, not my normal Goat but one over by Baker Lake.  Much lower elevation, good winter snowshoe or so I read.
  • I hear that I am doing Mt David (YAY!) this year.  This has been on a I want to do list for a few years now and Dave and Stacie want to do it this year!  Excited for that one.
  • I want to do a return hike to Zi Iob but as an over-nighter this time.
  • Found a new one!  Ruby Mountain off of Hwy 20.  Will probably make this one an over-nighter as well.


  • Circle Peak, I have been to the trailhead but never up before.  Have wanted to for several years now.  I think the way I intend to go is different than in this trip report. Summit Post also has a good write up.


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